About Enid's House

What is Enid's House?

Enid's house is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people recovering from substance abuse and mental health issues.

photo of Ryan Mallory and Nikki Benson

Who is Enid?

Prior to her passing, Ryan Mallory always promised to purchase his grandmother Enid a house that matched her spirit of generosity.

Although he was unable to get her that house, Ryan decided to honor Enid's memory by showing the same love she showed during her lifetime by supporting recovering addicts.

Why should you care?

Addiction and mental health disorders are hugely stigmatized and woefully undertreated in the United States. Millions suffer from the consequences of substance abuse and untreated mental health issues, and many struggle to rebuild their lives. Too many addicts end up relapsing if they feel they cannot reintegrate with society. Enid's house hopes to provide recovering addicts and alcoholics with the resources they need to improve their lives.

photo of Ryan Mallory and Nikki Benson

What can I do to help?

Your donations to Enid's house will help to provide housing grants, housing support, and and much needed personal items. This kind of financial and material support will allow an addict to break free from the chains of addiction and to move forward with a supported, fulfilling life of recovery.